Technology careers demystified

Hi, I’m Ida.

I’m a PhD economist. I work in tech, developing causal inference models and macroeconomic scenario analysis for long-range demand forecasts. I also host a podcast, teach data science at USC, and serve as the Consumer/Retail Roundtable Chair at the National Association for Business Economics. In my podcast, I demystify technology careers and discuss everything from interview strategies to networking and online entrepreneurship.

  • Exploring Different Tech Roles: Day-to-day work in roles such as data science and product management, insider tips on qualifications, and how to succeed.
  • Industry Crossovers: How tech skills are applicable in various industries.
  • Career Path Stories: Personal experiences and guest stories about unique paths in tech careers.
  • Skills Development: Insights on essential skills for a technology career, including technical and soft skills.
  • Emerging Technologies: The impact of technologies like AI on career opportunities.
  • Work-Life Balance in Tech: Flexibility and remote work opportunities in technology careers.
  • Navigating Tech Interviews: Tips and strategies for succeeding in tech interviews.
  • Building a Network: Effective networking strategies built on developing genuine relationships.
  • Online Branding for Tech Professionals: How to build an online audience.
  • Side Projects and Entrepreneurship: Encourage pursuing side projects or entrepreneurship within tech.

Are you a student?

I teach undergraduate and graduate data science and big data econometrics at the University of Southern California, and I have coached many students on job search and interview tactics. Getting your first job is the hardest because you often have no experience and don’t know precisely how to go about the process. In today’s competitive job market, it is important to work hard and be smart about it. You should engage in activities that make you stand out as a candidate and provide credible signals about your potential as an employee. In my podcast, I discuss successful job search strategies with people who recently launched their technology careers.

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Are you considering a career change?

I have seen people with different backgrounds launch successful technology careers. For example, academic researchers are often technically qualified but may not have the right coding skills or understand how to format their resume to sell those skills to a tech recruiter or hiring manager. Once you work in tech, you can relatively easily transition between some roles as long as you learn a few extra skills; for example, economists can become technical product managers, and data analysts can become data scientists.

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Are you interested in expanding your network?

I believe most people have something interesting to offer if you listen with an open mind. Having a network built on genuine relationships is not only rewarding in itself but also brings unexpected opportunities. Essentially, you don’t know what you don’t know, and if you talk to enough people, you’ll inevitably learn interesting and useful things.

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