Tech economist lifestyle and career tips | Rachel Lee

Rachel is an applied scientist at Uber. We discuss her transition from academia to tech and the value of an economics degree in the industry. Rachel shares her experience with remote internships, the challenges of onboarding virtually, and the importance of being resourceful. She also talks about the lifestyle in tech, the potential for job insecurity, and the need to adapt to the industry’s volatile nature. She provides insights into the role of an economist in tech and how to overcome imposter syndrome.

We discuss the choice between being an individual contributor and pursuing a management track and the qualities to look for in a manager. Rachel also shares her favorite interview strategies and tips.

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00:00 Preview
00:48 Intro
00:54 Path to Econ PhD
05:41 Path to Tech Job
12:03 The Value of an Internship
13:50 Remote Internship Challenges
17:25 Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
22:26 What Rachel Does at Uber
26:08 Do You Need an Econ PhD for Causal Inference at a Tech Company?
32:12 Tech Lifestyle Pros and Cons
38:40 IC or Manager Track?
40:17 What to Look for in a Manager and a Job
47:50 Rachel’s Top Interview Tips

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