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Navigating the econ job market

I recently hosted an episode of the ECON-versations with NABE podcast, in which we discussed navigating the 2022-23 industry job market.

Topics discussed:

  • Overview of upcoming recruiting and hiring processes for organizations
  • Explanation of industry interviews and differences from academic interviews
  • Personal interviewing strategies, common questions, and desired candidate responses
  • Tips for acing interviews and avoiding mistakes
  • Desired soft skills and personal qualities and how to showcase them in interviews
  • Essential software packages and technical skills for resumes
  • Insight into the onboarding process and working as a new hire
  • Resources and links for learning more about company opportunities
  • Recruitment locations, such as NABE’s Tech Economics Conference, ASSA, etc.
  • Q&A session covering application, interview, and employment-related questions

I highly encourage prospective job-seekers to listen, as these tips are relevant not only for the 2022-2023 job market and not only for economists.

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