Mastering LinkedIn: from Employee to Entrepreneur | Skylar Steudter

Skylar Steudter is a former LinkedIn employee turned entrepreneur. In this episode, Skylar shares his journey, shedding light on the nuances of LinkedIn’s algorithm, the art of brand building, and the role of sales in entrepreneurship. Whether you’re a student stepping into the professional world, a solopreneur seeking to amplify your LinkedIn presence, or a small business aiming to make your mark, you will find actionable tips and personal anecdotes that can guide your path to success.

Expect to learn about

  • LinkedIn’s unique value in the social media landscape
  • Strategies for effective brand visibility and growth on LinkedIn
  • Real-life challenges and successes in the world of entrepreneurship
  • The relationship between sales and entrepreneurship
  • Career advice for students and job seekers

Where to find Ida

Where to find Skylar


00:00 Preview
01:12 Intro
02:10 Path to entrepreneurship
04:54 Importance of sales
07:20 First clients
09:07 How is LinkedIn different from other social media
16:47 Dos and don’ts of LinkedIn content
22:13 Building a brand vs. sales on LinkedIn
26:51 Solopreneurs on LinkedIn
29:26 Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs
31:51 Entrepreneurship – unexpected challenges
33:45 Entrepreneurship vs. working out
38:04 Pressure to work all the time
39:42 Tips for students
42:48 Tips for job seekers
48:05 Skylar’s ideal client

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