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Hard skills vs. soft skills | Andreas Aristidou

Andreas Aristidou is a PhD economist and a Senior Data Scientist at Netflix. In our conversation, we dive deep into navigating the tech industry, from leveraging internships to mastering the art of networking and how important hard skills vs. soft skills are in terms of career success.

When looking for their first job, students often focus on hard skills and preparing for technical interviews by solving coding concepts and refreshing their knowledge of domains such as statistics. However, soft skills are equally important as hard skills in the interview loop, as those are a prerequisite for good teamwork and the exchange of ideas. They also allow you to voice criticism in a way that is more likely to be well-received.

Hard skills vs. soft skills is just one of the topics we cover that will help you get your first job in tech. You can watch the entire episode on YouTube.

Topics Covered

  • The value of an internship during your PhD
  • Hard skills vs. soft skills: the importance of soft skills in tech
  • Networking on Linkedin for job referrals
  • Volume vs. quality in job applications
  • Strategies for effective interviewing
  • Market demand vs. supply in tech
  • Tips on working effectively in tech teams
  • The role of management in your first job
  • Imposter syndrome

Where to find Andreas

Where to find Ida


0:00 Preview
0:22 Intro
0:34 Andreas introduction
2:30 Thoughts on doing a PhD in economics
10:14 Decision to work in tech instead of academia
18:37 Tips on how to get a job or internship
25:01 Interview tips
28:19 First job – what to look for
31:05 Non-technical skills needed to be successful in tech
40:06 What to look for in a manager
48:03 Is a PhD worth it?
52:45 Research in tech
1:00:25 Job titles in tech
1:04:22 Networking tips
1:07:19 Remote vs. in-person work
1:12:04 Imposter syndrome
1:14:03 Communication skills
1:17:56 Where to find Andreas

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