Tech Careers

Demystifying the landscape

Tech is a broad term that encompasses a range of roles from software engineering, IT management, and product management, to data science and emerging fields like artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The page is dedicated to navigating the dynamic landscape of tech careers, offering straightforward insights and practical advice for those eager to dive into or advance within the tech industry.

Successful tech careers are created following a well-thought-through strategy and putting in hard work. I focus on what matters: skills, trends, opportunities, and the realities of working in tech. Whether you’re a code-savvy developer, an aspiring data scientist, or someone curious about the various tech roles, this page provides a no-nonsense guide to help you make informed decisions about your career path.

  • Specific job roles – what do different job titles in tech mean, and what are the skills and qualifications required to get into a specific area?
  • Entry-level positions – how to break into the tech world, and the kind of educational paths that can lead you to a successful career.
  • Tech career lifestyle – workplace culture in tech companies, remote work, work-life balance, real stories from industry professionals about day-to-day life.
  • Climbing the tech ladder: demystifying upskilling, mentorship, and career progression. Practical strategies for growth and navigating different career paths, from IC to manager.

I don’t believe in a “get rich quick” tech career fantasy. But I do believe in pragmatic advice, honest storytelling, and actionable resources. Do you have specific questions? Feel free to send me a message!