Data Science

Demystifying the data science journey: from first job to career optimization

This blog is for everyone from the aspiring data scientist to people with a few years of experience contemplating their next career move. I teach undergraduate and graduate data science at the University of Southern California, and the questions I get from my students inspired me to create a knowledge base for the wider public. I discuss interview strategies and interview tips, common data science interview questions and pitfalls, how to recognize a good manager before accepting a job offer, and much more.

  • Cracking the code to get your first job: actionable tips on what to include or not include on your resume, why and how to build a data science portfolio, and how to choose which jobs to apply to.
  • Conquering interviews: how to prepare for technical and behavioral interview questions and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Once you get a job offer: tips on how to assess your prospective team and manager, what to ask before accepting a job offer.
  • Success on the job: discussion of how to get stakeholder buy-in, and what skills other than data science to invest in to take your career to the next level.
  • Modeling strategies: how do you build a predictive model in practice, when your data is messy and you need to take into account shifting economic conditions and business strategies? When should you use an observational causal inference model and when can you run an experiment?
  • Choosing your path: IC or manager?: the pros and cons of individual contributor vs. managerial roles to chart your ideal data science career trajectory.

I also invite you to listen to the IBJ Podcast, in which I interview data scientists and tech leaders.